Over my 25+ years in the profession, I have delved into many diverse areas of music-making, in wildly different genres and have needed to develop divergent skill sets. As I'm a bit of a workaholic and ahem, only slightly perfectionist, I have taken the deep plunge into each of these areas, because, well... I have the best job in the world and I truly love what I do every day! 

My services are holistic. That means I fully engage a lifetime of musical expertise in every project I undertake, large or small, creative or more technical (nothing is ever just technical, anyway). I take pride in a culturally broad taste and an understanding of different musical genres, so no matter where you are coming from I should be able to “get it”. 

Good communication is incredibly important to me as it is the foundation by which any project will have a successful outcome. If you work with me, you can expect frequent and precise exchanges at each stage of the project - and I expect the same. As part of your production team, you will find I am diplomatic yet to the point!  

Scroll down for a detailed description of each area of expertise I can provide for your project, and if you are interested in working with me you can book a 20-minute call directly into my schedule today.



This can be anything from a 5-second jingle to a full-feature film. I’ve been addicted to stories since I can remember, and you will be coming to me with a story. What I love is to understand the psychology of that story, the vision of the director or producer and heighten the experience through music and sound. I also love working with electronics and sound manipulation, making your track totally unique.

What you can expect :
★ Unique music that fits the picture like a glove
★ Excellent communication, unlimited revisions
★ Streamlined workflow, delivery on time
★ Can work under tight schedules
★ Full management of any live sessions
★ Mixing, mastering
★ Industry-standard stems ready for dubbing stage

Pre-requisites: I need to know about any changes that may occur in the edit as soon as they happen. I expect my clients to provide prompt feedback to each iteration of the music/sound design throughout the development of the score.


Having spent many years working in orchestras of various sizes, the sound and texture of beautiful part writing is part of my DNA. Send me your piano reduction, guitar chords, or loops and I will augment your music with strings, winds, or full orchestra, in whichever style you have in mind. Orchestrations can be delivered in audio, midi, or score formats.


Ah, the art of expressive and authentic orchestral library programming! The mockup - I could go on about this subject for days. To cut it short, I know how orchestras are supposed to sound as I spent over 20 years IN them - and I know how to get a mockup to sound as close to that as possible. How to make the different sections breathe and play with appropriate articulation. A computer will never sound like the real thing - it’s just something else. High-quality mockups are an industry standard, both for approval from the production team, for mixing in with live players, or as a final product.


In a recording session with live musicians, every second counts. The slightest error in sheet music can mean a lot of money down the drain - minutes tick by, fixing a discrepancy when you should be recording. I will take the project in your DAW and turn it into a conductor score and parts so clean you can eat off of them. Ok maybe not.

Download an example score here.

Full PDF industry-standard conductor score with click track stave, ready for print.
Full PDF parts for each instrument, ready for print.
XML file
Sibelius file
Audio click track

I will require individual and group stems exported from your DAW and separate midi files for each instrument.


Have you written a great song on piano, guitar, or on your phone? I can help you turn that sketch into a full release-ready track, that you will be proud be share on Spotify and Apple Music. You can either travel to my small but efficient studio to record your vocals, or we can exchange across the world, no problem.

I can work on recording (if we can meet physically), editing, arrangements, drums, synths, mixing and mastering.

I work in Ableton Live, Cubase or Logic Pro X,  but we can collaborate no matter how you sketched your song.  I have a vast array of real instruments available in my studio (Tama Starclassic vintage drums, Yamaha piano, Fender guitar, various percussion instruments), as well as a large library of virtual instruments and samples by Orchestral Tools, Spitfire, Cinematic Studios, Heavuocity, Native Instruments, 8Dio, Ableton and more.


If you would like an amazing violin performance for your soundtrack or song look no further. No matter where you are in the world I can record it right here in my studio and send it to you. All I need is your soundtrack, a click track if you have one, and the line you would like me to play (or compose for you). Delivered in uncompressed formats, with processed and unprocessed versions to suit your needs.


This might be more for a small classical chamber group or a singer-songwriter. I can record your single or album either in my studio (I have accommodation on-site), or travel to you with my equipment. I have years of experience being on both sides of the mic, so you can expect a very understanding yet efficient workflow. This process implies a certain level of artistic direction on my part as I’m on the listening end. I will also edit cuts (I have developed a lightning-fast editing process) then process and polish the sound, and add reverb and other effects as necessary.

Mic locker : Rode K2 tube mic, AKG C414, Sure SM7B, AKG P170x2, Shure SM58, Shure SM57. Any additional equipment can easily be rented if needed.