My latest album The Circular Nomad explores concepts of fleeting timelessness, and is a cinematic mix of neo-classical vibes, electronica and deep sound design. Tracks are currently under a bi-weekly release schdeule. I make films for each release which you can check out below.

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David Chivers

My first solo single, sketched on my phone during a tour. Had an amazing time designing and sculpting those gritty organic sounds I love. You can download this song right here, for free or the amount of your choosing. Thanks!

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Aéronèf is a band I started with my wife Violaine in 2020. Violaine has been writing songs since for ever and during lockdown we had time to start producing them. What emerged from our collaboration was an unusual mix of lyric french song with rock and electro-pop elements. Violaine writes the songs and lyrics, I produce them and we perform them together. Our next song Terrain Vague should be out in the fall.