The free consulting/spotting session offer

If you have a media project, be it a feature film, a short or an ad, you need music to elevate the audience experience. The emotional power of music is so powerful that it’s incredibly important to make sure the music fits your vision. If you’re in film or media you know as well as I do how the wrong music can totally ruin a scene!

That’s why I am currently offering a free consulting/spotting session to help you clarify or refine this essential yet delicate aspect of your production, 100% free and no strings attached. It’s basically like having your own music consultant. You will end up with a full Soundtrack Summary, and if I’m lucky… you will hire me (but you don’t have to!)

I have been a professional musician for 25+ years. Though classically trained from an early age, I’m naturally curious and have delved deep into many other genres throughout my career, working with musicians from all over the world. Musical taste isn’t just something you’re born with, even if gut feelings are valuable. A deeper understanding of music, particularly in relation to film or other arts, requires not only knowledge but also a broad understanding of culture and human psychology. It is this experience and passion that I wish to bring to your project.

Book a call with me now and I will deliver an extensive Soundtrack Summary which includes

  • Complete spotting session notes with time codes
  • A video recording of our session
  • Extremely useful emotion keywords for each cue
  • A full temp track you can use in cutting or for inspiration

This Soundtrack Summary will be invaluable to your production, regardless of whether you choose to

  1. Work with me as a composer
  2. Work with someone else as a composer
  3. Use library music

It’s an easy 4 step process :

  1. BOOK A CALL (optional) Book a short call with me using my calendar below if you wish to know more about the spotting session proposal and how we could work together.
  2. BOOK A SESSION Book your ideal 2 hour time slot on my online calendar. Depending on the scope of your project, we may need more or less time than that - we will adjust if necessary.
  3. FILL ME IN. You will receive an online form to fill out with details of your production: genre, approximate length, deadlines, that kind of thing. These can change later if necessary. Please send me your footage at least 1 day in advance so that I can research and prepare for our spotting session (it doesn’t need to be a final cut). If you’re in early stages, a written brief is fine too - my Soundtrack Summary will simply reflect this.
  4. THE SPOTTING SESSION During our online call we will discuss the film and your vision for each scene in depth, and timestamp in and out points for music. I will share my screen so we can follow the film in real time. Several members of your production team are welcome to join.
  5. THE SUMMARY. I will send you your Soundtrack Summary complete with session notes, recording of the session, keywords and temp tracks for your film within 3 days. The temp track will usually be comprised of music by a variety of composers.


This free consultancy is a rare offer to come by in our industry - composers usually only offer a spotting session when they are sure to get the job. As this process will demand hours of work on my part, please be aware that I can only keep this offer open for a very limited time and that this webpage will be closed as soon as my client base has expanded.

Disclaimer : Although I pride myself on pretty broad tastes in music, there are certain genres for which I am less qualified and would outsource should we come to work together professionally. These include jazz, metal, hip hop, reggae, country, latin and their respective subgenres, and specialised world music.